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We Take Custom Orders

Regardless of size or shape, our pans are custom made to fit your specifications. We manufacture our pans out of high density 3lb foam which exceeds industry standards. Curbs, benches, niches and cornice molding are just some of the items we can produce. We have built planter boxes, as well as utility sinks and dog washes that are all ready for tile installation.


Don't break your back packing sand and mudding your custom shower pan. Our lightweight trays allow for easy install and save the longevity of the installer.


Protect against breaking, settling & leaks with our durable 3lbs dense material that holds up against time.


All products are custom made in Denver, CO. Don't worry about long delivery times or expensive shipping costs

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Premium Quality

Best quality shower foam professionally designed by industry experts.

Custom Design

We can design foam in any possible shape and size to fit your needs.

Customer Service

Always available to answer your questions until 100% satisfaction.

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We provide fast and secure shipping all over the USA.